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Quality Equipment has been providing Jamaica with the best in sound equipment for a very long time. We strive to be the number one Equipment Dealer island wide and we aim to become one of the best in the Caribbean. Through our professionalism and dedication we have been growing and analyzing our market to find bigger, better and affordable solutions to provide enterprises , clubs and even personal shoppers with top of the line products utilizing simpler solutions. No matter the size of the item or part "Quality" is our aim for sure.

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At Quality Equipment we don't just sell "Quality products" we also offer "Quality services" , our professional and dedicated team will ensure that you experience the best of both worlds!

Great Performance

Top of the line equipment , guaranteed to satisfy your needs from any category you choose from.

Works Everywhere

No matter where you go , high or low "Quality" is for sure. Our proudly rated products will never ever fail you!

Dedicated Team

We ensure "Quality" in all aspects of the name , our team will have you more than satisfied with their professionalism and dedication.


We will ensure that your choice of equipment meets your needs and functions accordingly to achieve the “Quality” sound you desire.


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We sell the best in sound equipment

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Now we make your experience with us easier by allowing you to view our products remotely! Soon to allow site purchases.

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High Quality

Our business solutions delivers consistency in high-performance products and great sounding quality.

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Best in the business

The best equipment dealer Jamaica has ever seen! We are number one in all that we sell and the services we provide.

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